Flight to Japan

     In the Age of Power and Happiness of our Independent State, under wise leadership of our Esteemed President new successes are achieved on all sectors of our country. Sector of industry and communication is also among sectors that reached new milestones.

With efforts of our state Leader, increasing relations with Asia-Pacific (APAC) countries by establishing air communication with APAC region countries who have rich experience in the industry, is one of our important targets. In this regard’s cooperation between Turkmenistan and Japan is important. This cooperation is strong basis for long term friendship and mutual beneficial cooperation that becomes richer in content each year.

The aircraft type Boeing 777-200LR owned by Turkmenistan Airlines Open Joint Stock Company is designated for long haul flights. Increasing number of flight destinations for such advanced aircrafts that were purchased with efforts of our National Leader will help to improve interstate economic relations with countries of Asia – Pacific region.

To expand geography of international flights that Turkmenistan Airlines Open Joint Stock Company provide transportation and to learn passenger and cargo transportation market of Asia-Pacific (APAC) countries, from June 26 to June 30, 2019, for the first time two advertisement
flights in route Ashgabat-Tokyo-Ashgabat was conducted. During these flights around thousand passengers were transported. It indicates that policy for realization of industrializing and developing our country by diversification takes larger steps each day. This will help improving efficient
cooperation with business, tourism and finance structures of Japan, increasing investment activities and it will provide great potential for new large projects, and stimulate further improvement of transit potential of Turkmenistan.

Among passengers of the first direct flight on this route there were employees of various sectors of the national economy, tourists, media representatives and businessmen from both Turkmen and Japanese sides. It indicates that bilateral business relations are improving each year.

National carrier of Turkmenistan operates direct regular flights from Ashgabat to eight foreign countries included their thirteen cities. The technical fleet of the national carrier of Turkmenistan is regularly replenished with modern passenger liners of The Boeing Company.
It leads to opening of new international flights.

Turkmenistan Airlines Open Joint Stock Company plans widen the geography of flights to the countries: Southeast Asia - the city of Ho Chi Minh (Vietnam) and to the Arabian Peninsula of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia - to the city of Jeddah, and also the restoration of regular air communication with the capital of Malaysia - Kuala Lumpur.