«С-check» aircraft maintenance

«С-check» Aircraft Maintenance

OJSC Turkmenistan Airlines uses its own Hangar Complex equipped in accordance with Turkmenistan and European aeronautical authorities requirements to provide aircraft maintenance and repair. This Hangar Complex was outfitted for twenty-four-hour on-line and scheduled aircraft maintenance all year round and upgraded with all necessary technical facilities. High-quality aircraft service is performed using up-to-date ground equipment and tooling.

OJSC Turkmenistan Airlines Hangar Complex performs and renders the following jobs and services:

  • on-line and scheduled aircraft maintenance;
  • renewal of aircraft components;
  • repair of cell structures with extended scope of damage;
  • replacement of Engines and Auxiliary Power Units;
  • on-line and high-Q failure and malfunctions recovery in the course of aircraft equipment operation;
  • metrological testing of measurement instrumentation;
  • works on prediction, diagnosis of aircraft equipment performance capability and its NDT inspection;
  • maintenance of wheels and brake assemblies for all aircraft types;
  • information processing and analysis;
  • making and repairing of passenger and pilot seat covers, curtains and window curtains, and fabrication of carpet coverings;
  • maintenance of aircraft accumulators of Russian or import production;
  • on-line provision of spare parts and expendable materials at scheduled aircraft maintenance;
  • engineering support to maintain aircraft airworthiness,
  • logistic services and assistance in customs formalities

Technical infrastructure includes:

Sheet Metal Shop repairing of aircraft metal parts is performed;
Composite Shop a shop specializing in repairs of composite materials;
Paint Shop paint shop provides painting of aircraft interior and exterior parts and components for support shops;
Interior Shop a shop for interior refurbishment (minor repairs of passenger seats, seat belts, galley and lavatory panels);
NDT Shop Provides non-destructive methods of inspection;
Carpet Shop Provides repairing of carpets in aircraft cabin;
Pneumatic Shop a shop, maintaining pneumatic components and testing them for leak proofness;
Hydraulic Shop a shop maintaining hydraulic components;
Electrical Equipment Shop a shop maintaining electrical equipment;
Avionics & Radio - Electronic Shop a shop for maintenance and repair of instrumental and radio-electronic equipment;
Wheel & Brake Unit Shop a shop for wheels and brake assemblies maintenance and repair;
Emergency Equipment Shop this shop performs maintenance and repair works on life jackets and evacuation slides and packing them;
Battery Workshop a shop for repairing, testing and charging/discharging of nickel-cadmium batteries;
Oxygen/Hydrostatic Test Shop a shop providing hydrostatic testing and filling of stationary, portable oxygen cylinders and fire extinguishers;
Welding Shop provides welding engineering;
Carpentry Shop a shop for providing packing services;
Machining Shop a shop for fabrication of specific tools;
Cleaning Shop a shop for cleaning and washing aircraft components.

Up-to-date maintenance centre servicing aircraft at Ashgabat International Airport aims in the first place at providing MRO services (Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul) – technical maintenance, current repairs and extensive repairs – for national air fleet, аnd also for foreign airlines. MRO Centre includes a Hangar Complex and a specialized stand for engines start-up and run-up. The Hangar Complex includes three sections. It is 209,3 meters long and 101,7 meters wide. High-quality structure of this steel building will protect aircraft from cold in winter time and from direct sun rays in summer time, and also it will allow to maintain aircraft and carry out all necessary works in comfort conditions regardless of the seasons and the weather. Personnel at its disposal has a locker room and a cafeteria for 400 people. On the second floor you can find offices for representatives of different manufacturing companies like “Boeing”. Production capacity of the Hangar Complex lets to perform maintenance works on one Boeing 777-200 aircraft and two Boeing 737NG aircraft simultaneously.

High quality of work is provided by the equipment of German KUNZ Company – the leading provider of aircraft maintenance equipment in the market.

For aircraft technical maintenance, in the Hangar Complex there is provided a system of docks and CTI Systems ground equipment. Dock system includes nose, wing and tail docks that helps to speed up significantly the aircraft maintenance process at its high level. Two 15-ton and one 5-ton Demag cranes are mounted on the hangar ceiling to facilitate the process of engines removal and installation. Also, during the process of aircraft weighting when maintenance is performed, Hydro Systems KG hydraulic jacks are used.

Integrated AMOS software developed by subsidiary company of Swiss International Air Lines Ltd was introduced in the Hangar Complex to manage technical maintenance and to support aircraft airworthiness. This software includes data base to store all necessary technical data, aircraft and its components status data, and aircraft operational and maintenance records. Besides, AMOS provides rational planning for maintenance realization and removal of defects, purchasing of spare parts and expendable materials in view of possible occurrence of failures or for scheduled maintenance. The system allows to synchronize the aircraft maintenance process and other airline`s business processes, specifically, schedule planning and accounting management program. It is compatible with the aircraft manufactures` technical data bases that allows to get update requirements regarding maintenance of a certain aircraft in automatic mode. More than 130 operators worldwide like Etihad Airways, Iberia Airlines, Aerologic, El Al, Победа, Japan Airlines, Lufthansa, Pegasus, Fly Dubai, Alitalia, AirAsia enjoy advantages of AMOS system. Turkmenhowayollary also expects that AMOS software will help to reduce significantly aircraft maintenance costs and to increase flight hours.

To perform maintenance in compliance with European standards, MRO centre including its personnel has to be certified according to EASA Regulations PART-145. For this purpose the personnel will be able to receive relevant retraining at the Lufthansa Technical Training certified centre. EASA Approval Certificate entitles to perform technical maintenance on aircraft with European registration or registration of any other state beyond the European Union which complies with European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) requirements regarding aircraft maintenance. Upgraded with a new high-tech equipment from leading manufactures, Turkmenistan Airlines MRO Centre meets the world class high level requirements. Maintenance hangar has a well-developed infrastructure, up-to-date production complex and qualified personnel. All these shall provide competent aircraft maintenance which is a basic factor in flight safety.