The Instruction On Change Of The Air Ticket Via The Internet


The instruction on change of the air ticket via the Internet

Instructions for on-line tickets changes

To change the day of departure or service class, please contact the operator: +99 312 391893 or inform the Airlines by e-mail The changes should be made only for tickets, purchased on-line through the website

The change of departure date via the Internet allows to make the necessary changes to the ticket and to pay on-line this service by credit card according to the tariffs and fees provided by the Rules without physical presence of a passenger at the Airlines local sales points.

Change of tickets via the Internet is made by the invoice issue and sending it to your email. It contains a link to a secure payment page, where you can execute payment safely using a credit card.

The invoice can be issued only when the following requirements are met:

  • It should be not less than 72 hours from the moment of receiving the information required for billing to actual departure time on a new ticket;
  • The seats availability on the specified (-s) flight (s).

Please fill "Declaration for on-line ticket change". The statement should be sent to e-mail or by phone +993 12 39-17-13


  • Working hours: from 9:00 to 22:00, daily (the invoice will be billed from 9:00 to 20:00, daily) Turkmenistan time UTC + 5 hours.
  • After receiving the invoice, the original booking will be cancelled and a new one is created. The cancellation booking means the seats cancellation and impossibility of departure in initial date (s).
  • In case the invoice is not paid, the initial reservation can be renewed ONLY on paid basis subject to seats availability.
  • Payment MUST BE made no later than the deadline specified in the invoice (field "Pay to"). In the case of late payment, it is required the re-filling of Declaration, issuing a new account with the corrected amount.
  • To ensure the security of payments made using Bank cards, please be ready at the request of the Turkmenistan Airlines OJSC staff to provide a scanned copy of front side of Credit Card with first 4 figures and last 4 figures used to purchase the services for the renewal of the ticket and a scanned copy of the Card holder ‘s passport. In case of refusal or impossibility to provide the required documents, the Airlines reserves the right to refuse this service.
  • After payment, please inform the “Airlines” staff about payment by e-mail or by phone +993 12 39-17-14

Enjoy a pleasant trip and welcome you!