The construction of a new international airport capable of serving up to 100 passengers per hour is expected to be successfully completed this year in Jebel, Balkan Velayat. This was reported in the "Turkmenistan" newspaper.

As noted in the report, 112 of the most advanced modern technologies are currently being used in full force in construction works. About 650 of our specialists in various fields work here in several shifts.

To date, most of the runway work has been scrapped. The construction of the transformer station, water storage reservoirs, and fire safety buildings is in the final stage. The construction of the terminal's control tower, as well as external transmission systems, is also being continued at a vigorous pace.

As mentioned in the news, the new transport-logistics center being built in Jebel settlement will have a significant impact on the future development of the Balkan Velayat in the economic, cultural and life spheres, along with the whole country. Conditions will be created for this airport to receive almost all types of modern aircraft. The facility will have four heliports and six airships. The 35-meter-high control tower will give a special look to the International Airport, which is intended to carry out domestic and international transportation of passengers and various cargoes.

At the comprehensive meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers held on February 9, the President of Turkmenistan said that the new airport being built in the town of Jebel will be put into operation this year.