1.In the direction Ashgabat - Istanbul/Frankfurt/Moscow/Kazan/Beijing/
London/Delhi – Ashgabat free baggage allowance is issued according to the PC“ in parts”. In business class the norms are free baggage allowance is 2PC (2 pieces) 40kg=20kg (each piece), including 5 kg of hand luggage, in economy class 1PC (1 piece) 32 kg including 5kg hand luggage.

2. In the direction Ashgabat - Dubai - Ashgabat, free carriage is allowed baggage is checked out in accordance with the PC “piece concept” (in parts). To business class, the free baggage allowance is 2PC (2 pieces)50kg=25kg (each seat), including 5kg hand luggage, in economy class 2PC (2 pieces) 40 kg = 20 kg including 5 kg hand luggage.

3. In the directions Ashgabat - Istanbul / Frankfurt / Moscow / Kazan / Beijing /London/Delhi excess baggage cost is 280 manat, Ashgabat - Dubai 175 manat for each subsequent place. Towards
Istanbul / Moscow / Kazan / London / Delhi - Ashgabat cost excess baggage is USD 80, Beijing - Ashgabat
150 USD, Dubai - Ashgabat 50 USD each
subsequent places.