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Check in on internal and international flights

Attention! Departure time in the ticket is specified LOCAL. Passengers need to arrive to the airport with time stock sufficient for completion of check in and preflight formalities. The passengers who were late by the time of the end of check in on flight are not allowed.

Check in at the airport

For check in to internal flights of airline and passing of formalities on a departure (customs, immigration control and so forth) it is recommended to arrive to the airport in 1 hour 30 minutes, to the international flights — in 3 hours until a departure of the flight specified in the ticket.

Check in of passengers both on internal, and on the international flights of airline comes to an end in 40 minutes until a flight departure.



International Airport

A colossal bird with open wings meets those who go to the airport. It is difficult to look away from her and, as she approaches, she becomes more and more mesmerized by her majestic and radiant appearance.

Turkmenistan Airlines

Now the airline carries about 2 million passengers a year. With the growth of the aircraft fleet of the airline, the number of passengers increases by 15-20% per year.

5 th Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games.

Turkmenistan was the first in the Central Asian region to receive the Asian Games indoor and martial arts in 2017. This caused a wide resonance in the world and became a landmark event in the life of our country.

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