Turkmenistan Airlines open joint-stock company offers you the services of online flight tickets and online payment through the website and mobile applications based on the applicable regulations, tariffs, and conditions of the airline.
Before booking a flight online, please familiarize yourself with the airline’s rules posted on the website.


1. It is necessary for the passenger to check-in to his/her personal account.
1.1 To register for a personal account, the passenger’s phone number "+993******", e-mail, and personal password are entered. Dear customer, we inform you that when you register for a personal account, you must keep your password to yourself and shall not share it with anyone.
1.2 To check-in for a personal account, the passenger’s identification number will be sent to the passenger’s phone number +0757 “or if changed to another phone number by the airline” for confirmation of the passenger, and the passenger will be registered after correctly entering the confirmation numbers sent by the passenger.
1.3 Re-registration is not possible using the same phone number or email.
1.4 After entering the personal account, the password entered by the passenger must not be given to any other person and the airline shall not be liable if it is given.
1.5 In case of malfunctions during check-in, please send the reasons and a photo to immediately.
1.6 In order to provide an online flight by the airline, the passenger must fill in the information indicated on the website and in the turkmenistanairlines mobile application completely and correctly within 15 minutes (time limit) and if the payment is not made within the time provided by the bank services or due to other reasons, or in case of incorrect information provided by the passenger, the flight order will be automatically canceled after the expiration of the period specified when ordering the ticket.

2. After checking in TO the personal account, the passenger can choose the flight route and secure the flight.
2.1 The passenger must select the desired route, the number of passengers, and fill in the necessary fields such as “Name, Surname,” “Date of Birth,” “Passport Information,” contact details, etc., to secure the flight.
2.2 After the passenger has filled in all the necessary fields completely and correctly, the passenger must enter the CVC key card numbers, name and surname etc. numbers of his personal card in the payment page of the bank in accordance with information security measures by choosing online payment banking services. You can get a CVC key by contacting your bank.
2.3 After entering all necessary information completely and correctly from the bank payment system, the passenger can download the flight number “PNR” to the passenger after confirming that the payment has been successfully completed and upload the flight ticket there. He can also view the entire history of his flight with via his personal account.
2.4 If the information entered by the passenger when providing the flight is incomplete or incorrect, the airline will not correct the numbers of the flight data, which are no more than 3 letters, and the airline will not be responsible. However, when the passenger secures the flight, in case of change of his/her passport series, or in case of change of surname due to marriage, the email address of the airline company should be reported to with all the supporting documents.
2.5 In case of change of flight direction or for other reasons, if the passenger needs to be notified, Turkmenistan Airlines open joint stock company will call or send SMS message to the phone number provided for contact when purchasing the flight, but if the phone number provided is not yours, but someone else’s and if the owner of the number does not inform you the airline shall not be liable.
2.6 When you buy a flight online from Turkmenistan Airlines open joint stock company, when someone else arranges the purchase and makes a request to refund the money for the flight, only the customer who is registered in the personal account can return the plane ticket in that personal account and it will be transferred to the card of the payment provider.
2.7 The airline is not responsible for any disputes or other reasons arising between the customer and the passenger.


We inform you that your phone number registered to the personal account can be canceled by Turkmenistan Airlines open joint stock company. And we inform you that you have to come to the headquarters of the airline to open it.
1. If it is found that several people are booked in violation of the airline’s rules, your access to the personal account will be canceled and your payment funds will not be refunded!
2. Your personal account access will be revoked in the event of cyber-attacks against the airline’s online flight sales systems.
3. The airline has the right to request the necessary documents.


1. To the bank’s service fee for the transfer of funds to the bank card and the loss of money resulting from the conversion of the currency unit;
2. Funds for a refundable flight ticket are determined according to the order of execution of the established tariff. That is, the airline is not responsible if the passenger does not comply with the terms of use of the following fares for refunding the ticket.
- if the passenger does not arrive on time for the flight;
- if the passenger arrives less than 24 hours before the departure time and more than 3 hours later, the flight is checked-in;
- if the situation is less than 3 hours before the passenger’s flight;
3. Passengers arriving at international airports who have purchased a flight ticket can taken off the flight if they do not have the documents required by other government agencies.
4. The passenger (his or her trusted person or legal representative) has refused to write a request for cancellation of the air ticket and the refund of money to the person who paid for the transportation, as a result of which the passenger (his or her trusted person or legal representative) has paid for the transportation, the airline is not responsible for disputes arising between the parties.
5. If the document confirming that the bank card used to pay for air travel has expired (if the bank card used to pay for air travel has passed the validity period for making a refund).
6. The airline has the right to request additional documents and information necessary to refund the passenger’s flight ticket.

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