This regulation of air ticket sales site (hereinafter referred to as “the Agreement”) includes the provision of services for online booking, authorization and sale of air tickets for the flights of Turkmenistan Airline Open Joint-Stock Company (hereinafter referred to as “the Airlines”). This Agreement is an official offer to any private individual or corporate entity entitled to enter into this Agreement for the formalization of online transactions and the use of additional Internet banking services.
The terms of the agreement are offered without any change to the airline’s definitions of terms and applicable regulations.
1. Terms and definitions.
1.1. The Customer – a natural person (over 18 years of age) with full legal capacity who has placed an order for the provision of air tickets specified on the website of the Airlines, and their subsequent purchase for non-commercial purposes.
1.2. Digital air ticket (hereinafter – air ticket) – a document confirming the contract for boarding an aircraft as a contract between the airline and the customer/passenger, containing the customer/passenger and accompanying information in electronic or written form.
1.3. Flight route air ticket – an electronic or written form of ticket that contains full information about flight, passenger, route, flight status, online booking ID, etc. If necessary, it is sent to the passenger in electronic form as a confirmation of the purchase of the electronic flight, as well as to inform him/her, and after the passenger has completed the check-in process in his/her personal account, he/she can check and download his/her flight tickets.
1.4. Electronic flight reservation system – an automated electronic flight reservation system containing information related to the Airline’s flight schedule, seat availability or reserve, fares and rules for their use, as well as other conditions of services offered by the airline. This information is posted on the online flight booking system by the direct provider of these services.
1.5. Airline employee – an airline employee who is directly involved in serving passengers and/or performing the technological processes necessary to process customer’s order.
1.6. Payment systems – payment systems accepted for online flights and additional services at the expense of the airline, other organizations with a valid agreement with the airline to receive such payments at the time of payment, “Bank online payment services”.
1.7. Passenger – a natural person who has the right to purchase an air ticket based on the terms of this contract.
1.8. Order – the airline ticket information is processed by the customer for the provision of services related to the purchase of an electronic flight, selected on the website and in mobile applications and in accordance with the applicable rules of the airline.
1.9. Regulations – Rules, regulations, and other regulatory documents approved by the airline.
1.10. Online airline sales site and mobile applications – internet system, official website of the airline – and mobile application “turkmenistanairlines” placed on Appstore, PlayMarket platforms, including facilitating the customer’s familiarization with the rules of the airline, as well as the passenger from any internet connection. Websites and mobile applications designed to provide and redeem air tickets and purchase compatible services of the airline online.
1.11 Invoice – Contains the details of the payment made for the confirmed booking and after the payment of the air ticket, the details of the air ticket will be displayed and sent to the e-mail address provided by the passenger in his/her personal account after completing the necessary registration procedures to secure the flight.
2.1. Online flight sales website and mobile applications are designed only to search for information on flights of the selected route and airline and to familiarize yourself with the rules of the airline, as well as to provide online flight. The online flight sales website and mobile applications only operate in accordance with the following:
- Current Laws and Regulations of Turkmenistan.
- Rules, notices and other regulatory documents of the airline.
2.2. This “Agreement” tickets are the official mobile applications of the airline and the online airline sales site and “turkmenistanairlines” app for concluding agreements on the provision of services on behalf of the airline and on the current fares.
2.3. The customer’s actions in compliance with the terms of the agreement and the published rules, indicating the customer’s willingness to use the airline’s website to formalize the services provided on the website, confirm the validity and indisputable confirmation of this collective online airline passenger contract and regulations (i.e. online airline ticket contract with the passenger and the answer to the acceptance of the charter). Customer’s order is accepted as confirmation of clearance.
2.4. In the case of acceptance of the conditions described below, the individual who accepts the charter of the online airline ticket sales site agrees with all the provisions of the agreement and charter of the online airline ticket and becomes a customer (acceptance of the agreement and charter of the online airline ticket, description of the charter of the online airline sales site) has the same force as binding the Agreement under the terms specified).
2.5. The agreement on providing the specified services, the information of which is posted on the website of the airline, is concluded directly by the customer with the airline and the payment provider in accordance with the laws and regulations of Turkmenistan in force and the rules of the airline.
2.6. Passengers booking flights online may book flights for themselves or family members with the same surname or on the basis of documents confirming that they are family members and will be boarded on the aircraft.
2.7 If it is found that the passenger who provides the flight online is booking a flight for another third party, the payment for the flight will not be refunded and the passenger who provided the flight will not be boarded on the aircraft (in the event of complaints, or in the event that a customer is found to be providing tickets for strangers).
2.8. By carrying out the actions related to the approval of the regulations of the passenger online air travel site, the customer guarantees that he is at least 18 years old, and also confirms his legal capacity and transaction capacity.
3.1. The payment of the price of the electronic flight is made in the national currency of Turkmenistan – manats or in foreign currency, and in accordance with the applicable rules and conditions of the use of airline tariffs.
3.2. Payment of the price of the official reservation is made through electronic bank cards and other bank payment systems accepted by the airline’s website and mobile applications. In this case, the customer is fully and completely responsible for compliance with the conditions of payment of the official ticket and payment cards used for the payment of its price.
3.3. The authenticity of the provided ticket can be checked on the website of the airline at or by contacting the phone numbers listed on the website or by contacting the phone numbers listed on the website, and by using the QR code on the the ticket downloaded when the electronic ticket is provided.
3.4. The airline is not responsible for the accuracy and correctness of the information provided by the passenger in electronic form when the flight is confirmed by the customer.
3.5. Registration of the airline in the online flight sales system in any case means that this agreement has been concluded and signed by the customer and imposes on him the responsibilities stipulated in this agreement.
4.1. The airline provides electronic ticketing and pre-paid passenger check-in. The cost of passenger transportation (airfare) is made up of the fare/combination of fares and charges set by the airline and published in the electronic ticketing system, which can be viewed on the airline’s website.
4.2. Before starting the electronic ticket registration, the customer must familiarize himself with the information posted on the website of the airline company in the section “Familiarization with the regulations” and includes the general rules, the regulations of the online ticket sales website and other documents. Then, in order to secure a flight, the passenger needs to register for a personal account by filling in information such as phone number, name, email address, password and confirming the SMS code received from the airline’s short phone number 0804 “or in case of a number change”. The documents posted on the website of the airline in the section “Getting to know the rules” are an integral part of the passenger contract and regulations of this collective online airline. Formalization of the order in any form is subject to terms of this agreement, the Rules for online ticket registration and payment, the Rules for the use of prices, the Privacy Policy, the rules for cancellation and refund of flights, the regulations for changing flights online, the Rules for the carriage of passengers, luggage and cargo in international air traffic and Turkmenistan, and the passenger confirms that the he/she has familiarized himself/herself with the Rules of carriage of passengers, cargo and cargo in local air traffic and accepts all conditions.
4.3. The Customer makes the Order independently, having familiarized himself with the terms of use of the contract and regulations of this collective online agreement of airline with the passenger, the text, the cost of transportation and the tariffs. The Customer familiarizes himself with all the terms of the order during the booking process.
4.4. The electronic order must be paid by the customer within a certain period of time for the airline to fill in the passenger’s information about the flight and the passenger’s banking services to make the payment.
4.5. The customer makes the payment independently in accordance with the terms of the Agreement and the notices published on the website of the payment banking system. Payment of the order price is made by redirection to the payment bank’s secure page.
4.6. Online booking consists of five stages:
- In the first stage, the passenger needs to register in the personal account using his phone number to confirm the flight, that is, through the various features of the personal account, the passenger can see his flight date, air ticket refund, and additional features at any time.
- The second stage consists of choosing the most convenient flight route for the Customer, familiarization with the terms of this Agreement, the rules of passenger transportation and the terms of fares.
- The third stage is the formalization of ground tickets for the route selected by the Customer. When the order is formalized, the Customer is obliged to fill in all the required fields on the website and mobile application.
- In the fourth stage, the Customer confirms the payment method and transfers funds in the amount specified in the prepared Order.
- In the fifth stage, after confirming the information provided by the passenger in electronic form in the Order and the payment of the passenger’s funds for the flight through the bank payment system, the flight is automatically formalized.
4.7. In case of errors and inaccuracies made by the passenger at the time of ticketing, the airline is not responsible and after receiving the e-mail about the information of the order, the customer is strongly advised to contact the employee of the airline at the phone numbers or e-mail provided on the site and check and verify the information received from the customer. In the event that the Customer does not contact the airline employee, no customer complaints are caused by booking errors are accepted, including customer losses, trip cancellations, etc.
4.8. Orders confirmed by the customer are final. After making payment for the order, the Customer must ensure that he has received the air ticket within 24 hours. Customer confirms that the flight has actually been cleared according to the payment order. The ticket is sent to the e-mail address specified in the order, and after booking the ticket, the passenger can download the ticket by pressing the download button, and it is recorded in the history in the passenger’s personal account, which the passenger can view at any time. In case of non-receipt of the flight, the customer is required to send a confirmation document to the email address of the airline to confirm that the flight has been cleared.
4.9. Any change in personal information of any customer or passenger such as last name, first name, date of birth, etc. in the formalized booking shall lead to the cancellation of the booking and the cancellation of the rates agreed upon in the booking, as it is necessary to cancel and re-validate the passenger’s details in the booking. In the event that the order is paid for and tickets are issued, refunds will be made in accordance with the rules of the Airline, subject to all penalties imposed by the Airline. Thus, all possible commercial risks (registration of a new order, price change, refund/non-refund, etc.) due to the customer’s mistakes, inaccuracies in providing personal data, etc., are borne by the customer.
4.10. In the event that the Customer provides incorrect information when selecting the date of flight, the return and re-registration of the flight is carried out in accordance with the rules of the airline, subject to all penalties determined by the airline.
4.11. Upon payment of an e-ticket, the customer agrees to all terms, conditions, obligations and restrictions associated with air travel.
4.12. After issuing the passenger’s ticket according to the order, if the passenger wishes to return the ticket, the passenger can return the ticket in several ways on the website and mobile applications called turkmenistanairlines, namely;
First, after the passenger has confirmed the registration process for the personal account for online ticketing through SMS, the passenger can return the ticket himself by filling in the confirmation notes and buttons related to his flight ticket through the personal account.
Second; in case of banking services or technical problems with the passenger’s payment card, the passenger can carry out the flight refund procedure by performing the actions described in the “Refund the flight” section.
Third; if another passenger makes the payment, the airline is not responsible for any disputes or other reasons, and when the flight is returned online, the funds are transferred directly to the card that made the payment.
4.13. A customer who provides a flight for several or other persons/passengers is obliged to inform all passengers participating in the flight about all the conditions of the flight and other information. Complaints of passengers and customers regarding the lack of attention to their conditions and failure to receive other necessary information are not accepted by the airline.
4.14. Multiple flight tickets (bookings) with the same flight routes should not be created under the name of the same customer/passenger. Having multiple bookings with the same flight routes at the same time is called “recurring online booking”. In the event that a duplicate online ticket is detected, the airline reserves the right to cancel all duplicate bookings, including bookings already made, without prior notice. In this case, the refund will be made in accordance with the rules of the airline, subject to any penalties imposed by the airline. (Recurring online booking means that the airline holds and reserves seats). Thus, the customer bears all possible commercial risks associated with his/her actions to create a “recurring online booking” at the request of passengers (new order registration, fare changes, refunds/non-refunds and so on).
4.15. At the time of booking by the customer, it is necessary for the customer to take into account that all flights must be performed in a strict sequence as indicated in the flight. Failure of the customer/passengers to show up for any of the flights will result in the cancellation of all other flights (flight segment). Refunds are made in accordance with the terms of use of the tariffs.
4.16. When choosing a flight route, it is important to remember that the customer/passenger determines the visa regulations and requirements of the countries they cross the air border on their own. Also, in the event that the customer/passenger is flying with baggage, he/she independently determines the rules for excess baggage allowance at transit points.
4.17. Not all fares allow full refunds and re-registration of purchased tickets. If the customer is interested in the rules for refunding and re-registration of the flight on the selected route, this information should be obtained from the airline.
4.18. The customer assumes responsibility for the accuracy of the entered data and personal data. Surnames and first names of the customer/passengers must be entered by the customer in the right order, in strict accordance with what is written on the passport if the passport is to be presented at check-in. Making changes to first and last names on an existing reservation is technically not possible and will result in the refund of the flight and cancellation of the air carrier contract and the need for the customer to issue a new reservation. Refunds are made in accordance with the airline’s rules, subject to all penalties and costs imposed by the airline. The airline shall not be held liable in the event of incorrect data and personal data being entered by the airline or authorized government agencies and services leading to exclusion from the flight.
4.19. In the event that the customer plans to carry a special baggage (eg: animals, sports equipment, bulky cargo, etc.), a request for a permit to carry such baggage must be submitted by the customer before the ticket is paid for. Confirmation of the carriage of such baggage must be obtained from the airline prior to the registration of air travel documents, as such carriage may not be permitted.
4.20. In the event that the customer or passenger is a person in a special situation, or in the event that it is necessary to use special conditions of passenger transportation in relation to them (pregnant women, passengers with reduced mobility or requiring special medical care, etc.) it is necessary to coordinate with the airline by sending a request from the system.
4.21. In the cases specified in clauses 4.19 and 4.20, the customer informs the airline about the specifics of the customer’s/passenger’s situation and/or the specific requirements of the customer’s/passenger’s departure, as well as the presence of a special package, in any way, before the start of the electronic flight registration on the airline’s website. Rebooking and payment of the ticket should be done only after confirmation by the airline about the possibility of carrying such passenger, as the claim may be rejected.
4.22. The customer is obliged to enter contact numbers in the order so that he or the passengers can be contacted in case of emergency during the entire trip.
4.23. The customer can confirm the authenticity of the ticket for each flight in the paid order in the Flight History section located in the personal account. We recommend that you confirm the departure and arrival times, flight number, departure and arrival terminals before your flight, as these may be changed by the airline without notice.
5.24. If the passenger provides the departure route and the return route while booking the flight online and does not use the first “Coupon” departure route, and uses the second “Coupon” return route, the passenger’s flight ticket without using the first one will not be refunded.
5.1. The online ticket price is displayed on the website, mobile applications and in the e-ticket sent to the customer along with the booking details. The price of a reservation is not final and is not guaranteed until the airline issues the flight confirming the availability of the offer specified in the reservation.
5.2. The customer pays for the air ticket with a bank card or another payment system specified on the site.
5.3. Payment of online tickets via bank cards:
5.3.1. The airline accepts payment by bank cards through the payment provider’s electronic payment system. The customer is prompted to enter his bank card details and confirm his authorization. If necessary, the SMS notification system notifies the customer about the authorization results by sending an SMS with an identification code. Funds are charged to the card only to validate the flight. The Airline is not responsible for the actions/inactions of the payment provider, as well as any losses and risks of the customer in connection with electronic payments and payment through the Internet.
5.3.2. Payment of the order price by bank card must be made directly by the customer – cardholder. In the event that the Customer intentionally or unintentionally transfers the bank card to another person for payment, the Customer assumes the risks associated with this and agrees that in this case the order will be considered as paid by the Customer. In this case, the airline is released from liability.
5.3.3. The procedure for making payments by bank cards is described on the website in the “Payment method” section.
5.3.4. The transfer of data to the electronic payment system is carried out with the observance of all security measures. The airline redirects the Customer to the authorized server via a secure channel. The information is provided in an encrypted form and stored only on a dedicated server of the payment system of the Payment Provider.
5.3.5. Authorization of operations on bank cards is carried out on the site of the payment system of the payment provider. If the payment provider has reason to believe that the transaction has signs of fraud, it has the right to refuse to process the transaction. The airline is not responsible for the actions of the payment provider.
5.3.6. In order to prevent any kind of illegal use of bank cards during payment, all orders that are authorized and subject to payment on the site or already paid by bank card can be checked. In order to verify the identity of the cardholder and the right to use the card, the person who processed such an order, upon the request of the Payment Provider, send a copy of the relevant page of the cardholder’s passport – a double page with the Customer’s photo, as well as a copy of the bankcard by fax, or must send scanned copies by e-mail. In the event that the requested documents are not provided by the customer or their authenticity is in doubt, the airline reserves the right to cancel the order without giving reasons. In this case, the price of the order is returned to the customer’s card if the payment has already been made. If necessary, the airline may withhold additional fees from the Customer for order processing, cancellation, customer correspondence and refunds.
5.3.7. In the event that the Customer’s airline provides e-tickets for himself and/or third parties (passengers) and makes payment for the order for himself and/or passengers from its own bank card, the Customer is aware of and agrees with the following, as well as informs the passengers about them and must notify them about the following:
- in case of return/re-registration of a ticket issued in the name of a specific passenger, the airline has no right to refuse the return/re-registration of the ticket to the passenger in accordance with the applicable laws.
- in this case, the funds cannot be returned to the passenger, since he is not the person who made the payment, but the relevant part (the price of the passenger’s flight after deducting all necessary fines and fees) will be returned to the customer’s bank card as the person who paid the price of the order;
- in this case, the airline does not provide additional information to the Customer about the reasons for the refund of part of the order payment;
- the customer independently solves the problems of mutual settlement with the passengers, as well as the problems arising in connection with this situation, and is fully responsible for the use of the bank card for the purpose of paying the cost of the flight for third parties.
5.3.8. In the event that the customer wishes to return/re-check the tickets of the third parties who received the flight, and the airline has doubts about the authenticity of these requests, the airline shall not take any actions until it asks the passengers about their intentions regarding the order, and until the answer is received and evidence of the passengers’ genuine wishes is obtained.
5.3.9. In the case of payment by bank card, the funds are returned to the customer only to the customer’s bank card from which the payment was processed, in all cases, in accordance with the terms of this Agreement.
6.1. The customer has the right to cancel the order at any stage, and the customer is informed and agrees that the cancellation of the order will lead to the liability set out in the Agreement.
6.2. In the event that the customer wishes to cancel the flight order, he is connected to the phone number that he used to register the personal account when he bought his flight, and the passenger himself can return the flight ticket using his personal account, but in case of technical defects for various reasons when returning the passenger’s flight, the passenger must provide bank details and by reporting the additional necessary information, he begins the procedure of cancellation of the order in the appropriate section of the airline’s website, in the section “refund of the flight”.
6.3. Cancellation of the issued flight ticket is carried out by the customer by going through the cancellation procedure step by step according to the instructions posted in the passenger’s personal account and in the “refund of the flight” section of the airline’s website.
6.4. Failure of the Customer to complete all stages of the cancellation procedure shall constitute termination of this Agreement by the parties.
6.5. Refunds to the customer (if such a refund is possible) are made after the cancellation of the passenger transportation contract, in the order specified on the website, in the amount calculated by the airline, taking into account the time of return, airline penalties, deduction of relevant fees.
6.6. Funds are returned to the Customer in non-cash mode, to the bank card or bank account specified in the cancellation application.
6.7. An application for cancellation of the contract of air transportation (refund of the flight) can be accepted only from the Customer – the holder of the bank card. In case of cancellation of the contract of air transport (refund of the flight), no refund will be made to the passenger. Funds are returned to the Customer who paid the order price and is the holder of the bank card. The Airline is not involved in the financial calculations between the customer and the passenger, complaints of the passenger that the airline has not paid him funds are not accepted. The Customer – the holder of the bank card is obliged to inform the passenger of this Agreement.
6.8. The Customer familiarizes himself with the terms of the order and the rules of the airline during the time of providing the electronic flight. In the event that any of the terms of the order, including the terms of cancellation, return, making any changes to the formalized order, are not clear to the Customer, the Customer is obliged to verify the necessary information from the Airline. Complaints of the Customer due to the fact that any of the terms of the order are not clear to him are not accepted.
6.9. In case of refund of the paid ticket by the Customer/Passenger, the refund amount is transferred to the Customer’s account/bank card indicated by the Customer after deducting the amount of applicable fees and taking into account the rules set by the airline.
6.10. In case of refund/revalidation by the Customer/passenger of the tickets paid for in this manner, the refund is possible only through bank transfer to the details provided by the Customer.
6.11. In the case of refund/revalidation by the customer/passenger of the tickets paid for in the manner specified in this article, the rules and restrictions set forth in note 5.3 of this Agreement shall apply.
7.1. The parties are liable for non-fulfilment and/or improper fulfillment of their responsibilities under this collective regulation in the manner determined by the agreement and regulations of this collective online air ticket agreement with the passenger and the applicable laws of Turkmenistan.
7.2. All information related to the schedule, the availability of seats on flights, fares and conditions of their use, as well as other conditions for the provision of the proposed services, in the same form as the information provided in the booking systems by the direct providers of these services and their authorized representatives, placed in full volume on the website of the Airline. The airline does not have the ability to independently verify the information provided by the service providers and cannot guarantee the absence of inaccuracies, in this regard, it is not responsible for any incorrect information in relation to the services and, therefore, for any damages or losses incurred by the Customer due to the existence of errors in the information.
7.3. The airline shall not be liable for adverse events and losses caused by events and circumstances beyond its control, as well as actions (inaction) of third parties, in particular:
- in the event that it is impossible to fulfill the responsibilities assumed, as a result of insufficient and untimely provision of information and documents provided by the Customer, or violation of the terms of this Agreement or requirements from documents by the Customer;
- Airline actions (changes, cancellations, transfers, delays) for the loss or damage of baggage, luggage and documents of the Customer and/or passengers during the entire trip. In these cases, the Airline is liable to the Customer in accordance with the established rules and laws in force in Turkmenistan.
- As a result of restrictions on the rights of the customer and/or passengers to arrive/depart from Turkmenistan by the authorized bodies of Turkmenistan;
- for the consequences of violation by the Customer and/or passengers of customs and border requirements, travel and baggage rules, as well as rules of conduct in the transit and/or destination country;
- For lack of travel documents authorized by the airline in the possession of the Customer and/or passengers;
- Due to non-arrival or late arrival of the customer and/or passengers at check-in, flight departure point;
- due to non-compliance by the Customer and/or passengers with the rules of conduct on board the aircraft set by the Airline;
- for the lack of official passports of the Customer and/or passengers at the time of the start of the trip, the relevant documents required for registration for the flight;
- for true and proper execution of documents (authenticity and completeness of information in them);
- if the customer’s communication lines are broken, their equipment is out of order, etc. due to the impossibility of formalization of the Order by the Customer.
7.4. The customer/passenger acknowledges and warrants that they are familiar with and agree to the following:
- Airline rules and conditions of use of fares, including conditions of return and re-registration of air tickets;
- requirements for passports and other documents, including the validity of the passport and its validity;
- customs and border compliance responsibilities;
- the validity of passports necessary for crossing the border, the Customer/passenger is fully responsible for the authenticity of the information in these documents;
- the Customer/passenger’s independent familiarization with the requirements for formalization and availability of necessary visas in the countries of the transit airports specified in the air transport documents;
- that the deportation of a passenger with invalid entry or exit documents is carried out solely at the expense of the Customer/passenger. The customer/passenger is responsible for obtaining the necessary information from the consulate of the respective country on his own.
- and assumes all responsibility for preparing all necessary documents for the visit. All requirements of the customer/passenger’s country of destination, including the formalization of documents necessary for the formalization of visas or other documents for the export of children, animals, firearms, art treasures, and other permits and agreements upon departure must be met and adhered to. The airline is not responsible for the passenger’s unawareness and non-compliance with these requirements.
8.1. Provision of information by the customer:
During the provision of e-tickets through the Site, the Customer provides the following information:
- Personal information;
- Contact telephone numbers;
- E-mail address;
- The additional payment system is implemented on the respective pages of the Bank/payment services.
8.2. By providing his personal data on the site during the period of electronic transportation, the Customer consents to their processing.
8.3. The airline uses the information for the following purposes:
- to fulfill its obligations to the Customer;
- to evaluate and analyze the performance of the site and mobile applications.
8.4. Disclosure of Information Received by Airline:
8.4.1. Disclosure of Information is prohibited except as permitted by applicable law.
8.4.2. The airline is not responsible for the information provided by the customer in publicly available form on the website and mobile applications.
9.1. The Parties shall be exempt from liability for failure to perform their obligations under this Agreement, in whole or in part, if such failure is the result of force majeure occurring after the conclusion of the Agreement as a result of force majeure events that the Parties could not have foreseen or prevented. Force majeure is defined as: flood, fire, earthquake, acts or omissions of government authorities (including restrictions on foreign currency transactions), epidemics and other natural disasters, war or military operations. etc.
9.2. In the event of occurrence of the events specified in Article 9.1 of the Agreement, each of the Parties must notify the other Party in writing within 5 (five) calendar days. Party citing force majeure event shall without delay send to the other Party official documents issued by competent government authorities confirming the existence of these events and, to the extent possible, assessing the impact on the Party’s ability to meet its obligations under this Agreement.
9.3. Failure to notify or timely notify of a force majeure event (in accordance with Article 9.2) deprives the Party of the right to refer to these circumstances as grounds for non-performance or non-performance as required.
9.4. If the events listed in Article 9.1 and their consequences continue for 2 (two) consecutive months, the Parties may hold additional negotiations to identify other suitable methods of implementation of the Agreement.
9.5. In case of force majeure events lasting more than 6 (six) consecutive months, each of the Parties has the right to terminate this Agreement with respect to the unfulfilled part of the Agreement. In such event, as a result of termination under this Article, the Parties shall not incur any liability to the other Party.
10.1. All disputes and disagreements arising from this Agreement shall be resolved in accordance with the applicable laws of Turkmenistan.
10.2. All disputes arising between the Parties relating to the performance, modification or termination of this Agreement shall be resolved through negotiations. In the event that disputes are not resolved through negotiation, the dispute shall be resolved in the Arbitration Court of Turkmenistan in accordance with the applicable laws of Turkmenistan.
10.3. The decision of the Court is final and binding on the Parties.
10.4. The invalidity of any provision of this Agreement by a court shall not invalidate the remaining provisions.
11.1. By accepting/confirming the online mass sales agreement and regulations, the customer fully agrees to its terms and guarantees payment of the Order in full, including all taxes and fees.
11.2. The parties are liable for non-fulfillment and/or non-performance of their obligations under this collective online sales contract and regulation in the manner and under the conditions determined by this collective online sales contract and regulation and the applicable laws of Turkmenistan.
11.3. If the customer’s communication lines are down, their equipment is out of order, etc., the Airline shall not be liable for the inability of the Customer to complete the Order.
11.4. The Airline shall not be liable to the Customer for possible violations and actions beyond its control, in particular, claims violations and actions of third parties.
11.5. The customer assumes full responsibility for the authenticity of all documents required to use the service and air transportation. The customer must familiarize himself with and comply with all the requirements related to the formalization of the necessary documents at the exit and entry of the country of destination, as well as for movement in transit, the need and conditions of visas, the validity of passpo