Turkmenistan Airlines OJSC announces the selection of candidates for applicants to study at the University of Turkish Aeronautical Association


The Open Joint Stock Company "Turkmenistan Airlines" announces admission to the University of the Turkish Aviation Association as a pilot for a period of 4 years through pre-selection of candidates. Training is carried out at the expense of the Airlines (on a contractual basis). Documents are accepted at the address: Ashgabat city, A. Annayev street, Open Joint Stock Company "Turkmenistan Airlines", telephone: 23-47-88.

The The procedure for selecting candidates for 4-year pilot training at the University of the Aviation Association of the Republic of Turkiye:

1. Young men who have the citizenship of Turkmenistan, whose health condition meets the requirements of the Medical Center of the Agency "Turkmenhowayollary" (ICAO), who have an education not lower than general secondary education, not older than 25 years (having a military ID), are accepted for training on a competitive basis based on the results of entrance exams.

2. Training begins after the initial interview of the Open Joint Stock Company "Turkmenistan Airlines", the interview (exam) of representatives of the University of the Aviation Association of the Republic of Turkiye and the examination of the medical commission in the Ankara city of the Republic of Turkiye.

3. The examination at the Medical Center of the Ashgabat International Airport of the Turkmenhovayollary agency is carried out within 15 days.

The term of training is 4 years.
Official working documents accepted in the Ashgabat city from 05/01/2024 to 05/31/2024.

List of official working documents:

- a questionnaire of the established form;

- personal passport (original and copy);

- military ID (original and copy);

- document on general secondary, secondary vocational and higher education (original and copy);

- certificate from a drug and mental health clinic;

- medical certificate according to the form established by the medical center of the Turkmenhovayollary agency;

- characteristics from the last place of study (work, military unit);

- eight units of a 3x4 cm photo card;

- certified copy of the work book (if available);

- school students who are winners of state subject Olympiads, who participated in international Olympiads in general subjects, members of national teams of Turkmenistan provide copies of relevant documents confirming this fact.
The candidate is personally responsible for providing false information and invalid work documents.

Entrance exams are conducted in the subjects English (the ability to speak, write and read in English), mathematics and physics (certificates of additional courses in these subjects are welcome) . Knowledge of other foreign languages is welcome.
Admission exams are held at the aviation personnel training school of the Turkmenhovayollary Agency in the Ashgabat city at the period from 06/01/2024 to 30.06.2024.

Note: A tripartite agreement (Airlines, Student and Guarantor) will be concluded with candidates who have passed all exams for studying in higher educational institutions of foreign countries, according to the agreement, the Student, after successful completion of training and crime, is required to work for the Airlines for 10 years in the specialty of education. Tuition fees are covered by the Airlines. Expenses not related to training (dormitory, health insurance, daily meals, travel) are covered by the candidate.