Restrictions in relation to COVID-19 for passengers of the international flights

2022-05-23 14:52:02

Restrictions in relation to COVID-19 for passengers of the international flights

1. General requirements, in relation to COVID-19, for passengers of international flights

The “Turkmenistan” Airlines Open Joint Stock Company (OJSC) prepares and updates regularly the whole information to maintain a high degree of accuracy. Due to the rapidly changing Covid-19-related regulations in different countries, “Turkmenistan” Airlines OJSC cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information provided and, therefore, cannot be liable for any lack in relevance, validity, completeness or quality. “Turkmenistan” Airlines OJSC reserves the right to update the information at any time without prior notification. “Turkmenistan” Airlines OJSC provides web links to web resources of third parties and is not liable for the information provided on the specified resources.

“Turkmenistan” Airlines OJSC reserves the right to deny boarding to passengers who cannot provide the documents or have provided incorrectly issued documents (Covid-19 test results, questionnaires, health declarations, various forms and others) that are required by the country of destination during the period of Covid-19-related restrictions.

To prevent the spread of Covid-19, most countries have imposed travel restrictions on arrival or transit for various categories of passengers, as well as a number of medical and quarantine-related requirements. The quarantine period is established according to the state requirements of host country.

2. Before planning your trip, please read the current requirements of the country of destination on the mentioned official websites:

3. Web page instruction

To the attention of the citizens who are planning international flights!

Every passenger must act in accordance with the epidemiological requirements adopted by the countries of destination. You can find information on the epidemiological requirements of foreign countries at the specified web address:

How to use the web page:

1) After opening the specified site, fill in the blanks and click on the “submit” field.

2) On the world map, select and click on the country which you want to travel

(United Arab Emirates is given as an example)

3) You can find information on the epidemiological requirements of the country you selected on the world map

Dear passengers, please do not forget to familiarize yourself with the epidemiological requirements of the countries of destination!

We would like to inform you that Turkmenistan Airlines will not be liable in case of non-acceptance by the country of your arrival due to unawareness and non-compliance with the epidemiological requirements.

4. Restrictions for passengers traveling to Turkmenistan and transiting trough Turkmenistan

On arrival to the airport, before registration the passenger must:

- provide a negative (PCR) test result for Covid-19 in Turkmen, Russian or English. The test must have been taken no earlier than48 (forty-eight) hoursprior to flight and certificate of vaccination. The validity of the PCR test certificate is calculated starting from the date the biological material was collected.

- to fill in the “Passenger's health and locator status form related with COVID-19”. The form is given at check-in desk of the airport terminal before boarding. You can also download this form here.

- to wear a medical mask at the airport terminal and on board the aircraft throughout the flight (except for children under 5 years old).

It is recommended to change the mask every 2 hours.

We remind passengers that antibody test results and any other test results besides PCR tests cannot be used to confirm the absence of Covid-19 infection for the purposes specified.

“Turkmenistan Airlines” OJSC asks you to consider mentioned information and thanks for your understanding.