The regulation for online ticket refund through the online air ticket sales website and the mobile application “turkmenistanairlines” of Turkmenistan Airlines Open Joint-Stock Company.

Due to the need to register in the personal account to buy an online ticket, the passenger who purchased the ticket for refund of the online ticket can refund the ticket by himself/herself using the personal account;

Passenger can view all his/her flight tickets by entering the personal account.

Passenger can access the personal account by entering his/her personal phone number and password through a browser from any mobile application or computer and select his/her flight in the “flight history” section.
Then there will be a button to download the flight ticket or cancel the flight ticket.
Passenger can electronically download his/her flight from anywhere by clicking on the “Download Flight Ticket” button.
By clicking on the refund button, the passenger can split the flight or return the whole flight and the the flight will be refunded within 3 days according to the airline’s terms and conditions.
When the passenger’s funds are refunded, they are transferred only to the card from which the payment was done.

2. Dear passengers, if your payment card has been canceled by the bank or the card has expired, contact your bank to open a payment card.
2.1 If your payment card is not activated or cancelled, the airline cannot refund the money to your cards.
2.2 If your payment card is opened, please send us a copy of the opening and your PNR number to the email address

The airline is not responsible if the passenger’s flight has been returned without the passenger’s notice. This is because the passenger himself enters the personal account and returns the ticket, and the airline is not responsible if it is found that the third party who had access to the personal account (ex. someone who helped to make the purchase) refunded the ticket.
In case if it is determined that the refund is not possible only due to technical reasons, it is necessary to complete the application and send it to the address together with the documents indicated below.

Click the “APPLICATION” button.

2.1 A copy of the passenger’s passport.

2.2 A copy of the payee’s passport.

2.3 Payment bank details.

2.4 The electronic application must be completed and submitted correctly.

3. We inform you that your flight itinerary will be canceled based on your cancellation request or after you click the button to return the flight electronically, and there is no possibility of reinstatement.

You can find the information needed to return a passenger's ticket online or by calling the airline's phone numbers at +99 (312)  23-03-18 / 23-03-15 /