Ticket Refund Policy for tickets purchased at

www.turkmenistanairlines.tm web site of

Turkmenistan Airlines Open Joint-Stock Company

If personal data including surname, name, birthdate of a passenger of Turkmenistan Airlines Open Joint-Stock Company (hereinafter the Airlines) and its website selling tickets turkmenistanairlines.tm is changed then the order is cancelled, and results in cancellation of agreed tariffs, in order to change personal data cancel the ticket and order a new ticket. In case of payment for the order is done and the ticket is issued, we inform you that the refund will be carried out to the passenger's plastic card from which the payment was done, in accordance with the rules of the airline and with the retention of certain stoppages by the airline, you can get acquainted with the following information.

Dear passengers, please fill in the information provided on the website www.turkmenistanairlines.tm completely and correctly, in case of non-payment, filling in incorrect passenger information, or when the ticket is booked, the ticket will be automatically canceled after the expiration time.

You can find the information needed to return a passenger's ticket online or by calling the airline's phone numbers at +99 (312) 37-84-32 23-03-18 37-84-52 23-45-51.

A copy of the online airline ticket refund application form (click the APPLICATION button to get a copy of the application);

Online Refunds of airline tickets.

You can refund your airline ticket online by following the steps below. Airline tickets provided online at www.turkmenistanairlines.tm can be refunded online.

The information on the refund of the airfare for tickets purchased through the online ticket sales website, passenger info must be filled in by the passenger and based on the required documents:

1) in case of a passenger reaching the age of majority and legally capable – by the passenger himself or by the person to whom the power of attorney was issued;

2) in case of a minor or incapacitated passenger – by his/her legal representative (parents, guardians, etc.).

Refunds of airline tickets provided by turkmenistanairlines.tm from the online airline ticket sale site are not subject to the airline's refund of the airline ticket paid by the passenger (his or her authorized person or legal representative) at the request of the person who paid the airline ticket.

  • A fixed form of airline ticket refund application
  • The completed application form should be sent to info@turkmenistanairlines.tm.
  • Turkmenistan Airlines does not refund tickets for airline tickets purchased on sites other than www.turkmenistanairlines.tm. Airline tickets purchased from the above airline's website are refundable only through that site.

We would like to inform you that your flight will be canceled and there is no possibility of restoration based on your application to cancel the flight.

The ticket refund application is filled in separately for each passenger.

The following documents are required to refund an airline ticket:

  1. A copy of the completed application for cancellation of the flight and refund of the money spent on the airline ticket;
  2. Bank details of the card used by the passenger for the return of the airline ticket; (Bank details are required by the airline in the event of a defect in the bank or for technical reasons).

If the ticket is to be returned, the following amounts will be retained:

- The amount of the refund will be calculated: “Ticket price”, payment for the refund procedure and fines for canceling the transportation by air.

- The program, is run in turn, depending on the proximity of the departure date.

- 25% net passenger fare is charged for non-arrival of passengers on local routes;

- 10% net passenger fare is charged at least 24 hours before departure and no later than 3 hours;

- A minimum of 3 hours before the departure of the airline is subject to a 25% net passenger fare;

- After confirming the return of the airline tickets, the money will be refunded within 20 (twenty) business days.

- If your money is not refunded, you can inform your airline with your short electronic receipts with the help of any ATMs.

In the event of expiration of the validity period of the bankcard of the passenger provided to the airline for any other reasons, the relevant work will be carried out on the basis of the following notes:

1) If there is a validity period for the refund of the bankcard used to transfer the airfare, the funds will be transferred to the said bankcard.

2) If the bankcard used to pay for the airline ticket has expired, the method of transfer of funds will be determined in each case separately.

3) Information is required from the bank or on the basis of the passenger's application for technical reasons that the airline has made bank payment, i.e. the actual payment, as required by the airline in order to return the money.

Turkmenistan Airlines is not responsible for the following:

  1. The difference in the amount of money arising from the conversion of the currency and the payment for the service of the bank for the return of the funds to the bank card;
  2. Refundable airfare funds are determined in accordance with the established procedure. That is, the airline is not liable for the failure to comply with the following terms and conditions for the return of airfare by the passenger.

- if the passenger does not arrive on time;

- if the passenger arrives less than 24 hours and no later than 3 hours before departure;

- if the passenger arrives less than 3 hours before departure

  1. Get informed about the subject through the website or airline phone numbers: + 993 (12) 37-84-32; 23-03-18; We recommend receiving information at 37-84-52 and 23-45-51, as well as via e-mail info@turkmenistanairlines.tm;
  2. Relevant funds shall be refunded within 20 (twenty) business days after receipt of all necessary documents.
  3. Passengers arriving at international airports with the purchase of air tickets can be denied carriage due to lack of documents required by other government agencies.
  4. For the disputes between the passenger (his or her authorized person or legal representative) and the person who paid for the transportation, in case passenger (his or her authorized person or legal representative) denied to fill in application for ticket refund.
  5. Document confirming that the bankcard used to pay for air travel has expired (if the bankcard used to pay for air travel has expired).
  6. The airline has the right to require additional documents and information required to refund passenger's ticket.

Online ticket exchange or transfer to another person.

It is not possible to replace a plane ticket purchased at www.turkmenistanairlines.tm from the online ticket sales website. It is only possible to return it in the appropriate order and then purchase a new ticket. For more information, we recommend contacting the Contact Center:

The airline has the right to request additional information for accepting ticket refund application.